"Don't live to survive, eat to THRIVE"

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About me

From the docks of the Mediterranean to the foothills of the Himalayas, my food journey has taken me far and wide. From yachts, to environmental organisations, to free diving around the world, I feed off adventure and the nomadic life. My food is a catalyst for connection, for growth. A trained yogi and an integrative health coach, I thrive off helping and educating others, guiding people to reconnect with their bodies; to their relationship with food; to eating to THRIVE. 


“Eat the rainbow”

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My Food Philosophy

My food is seasonal, vibrant, fresh and accessible. It is light, holistic, WHOLE. I like to eat the rainbow, I like to feed others the rainbow too. The more colourful your meal, the more nourishing it will be. Food is the most intimate art form we interact with. It is the only art form we physically ingest, that becomes us! Beautiful, thought provoking food that tickles sensations as well as allows you to THRIVE. 


Imagery courtesy of Samantha Lowe of the The Lowe Life