Hi, nice to meet you and welcome to my space. I hope you have a look around and get a taste for what I do, who I am and why I am here. They call me Arabella. I am a chef amongst other things. 

I have been in the food industry for over five years now. It has BEEN a journey. Since then I have travelled to the Mediterranean working as a chef on a luxury yacht, cooking for guests, buying tuna off the docks from toothless fishermen and improvising my way through different countries, languages and cuisines. I have travelled to India to study under a holistic doctor, bringing the principles of Ayurveda into my food. I have trained in Ubud Bali, completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teachers Training, incorporating the yogic values into the intentions of my work. I have qualified as an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach through the biggest nutrition school in the world, based in New York City. I have worked with environmental organisations around the world educating people about conscious eating. From Zambia to  Mozambique, Mexico to Madagascar. 


"I am aware.  I am playful. I am organised. Resourceful.  I am a gentle energy. But I like to share and be heard.  I THRIVE off connections.  I LOVE to connect over food.  It’s what makes us truly human.” 

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I am a nomadic restaurant, working in remote areas in testing conditions. This is where I thrive most. I strive for diversity, new connections, new foods and intimate experiences around food. I am a holistic chef. I have worked with many different cuisines. I live on a plant-based diet, but I believe that there is not one correct diet for everyone. I focus more on creating a good relationship with food. Listening to our bodies, understanding what works for us, doing the work in a mindful and environmentally conscious way. My food is seasonal, vibrant, fresh and accessible. It is light, holistic, WHOLE. I like to eat the rainbow, I like to feed others the rainbow too. The more colourful your meal, the more nourishing it will be. Food is the most intimate art form we interact with. It is the only art form we physically ingest, that becomes us! Beautiful, thought provoking food that tickles sensations as well as allows you to THRIVE. 

Imagery courtesy of Samantha Lowe of the The Lowe Life