"Without proper diet, medicines are of no use; with proper diet, medicines are unnecessary” 

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What is a health coach?

An individual who works with others in a client centred process to facilitate and empower the client to achieve self determined goals related to health and wellness. 

WHY: Do you have a health goal you have wanted to achieve but never seem to prioritise?

Do you want to refine your diet, incorporate healthy habits and expand your awareness to create a holistic lifestyle?

HOW: A health coach is the perfect guidance you need to keep you accountable; to usher you along with the necessary information and motivation to achieve what you have always wanted to achieve.

WHAT: Join me for a 6 month program, including 12 sessions. We will meet every two weeks for an hour. I will create a safe space for you to work towards your goal with a program curated specifically to YOU.

With informative handouts, recipes and mindful methods my program focuses on incorporating an environmentally friendly diet as well as expanding your self awareness through mindfulness.

PRICE: R500 per session (first session is free) R6000 total - monthly payments or up front are welcome.  

Is there a goal you want to achieve but you just need someone to keep you accountable

How it will work. You will fill out the form below prior to the session and bring it along with you. We will spend an hour going through your answers together, discussing and defining what you are wanting to achieve. This is a way to see if we would like to work together and if my program is what you are looking for. 

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"A Thank you Note.

You have told me all the things I need to hear before I knew I needed to hear them.

To be unafraid of all the things I used to fear before I knew I shouldn't fear them."

"I thank you for sharing, inspiring and guiding me on a new path.

I thank you for allowing me to learn and find me on my terms ... your way ...   

You kept our sessions light, made me laugh when I needed it and never made me feel I was wrong (even though I may have been)

You always managed to very gently show me that there is another way …"


"The journey that I undertook with Arabella was nothing short of life changing. From the very first session I started to understand the connection between what I put into my body and everything I experience physically and mentally as a result. Although this is something I think we all intrinsically know (but don't necessarily acknowledge), Arabella helps you pin point what specific foods may be causing ailments and then assists you to take the steps to start phasing those particular foods out.

Her experience as a chef is a huge asset as she provides guidance in respect of replacements and creates delicious recipes for you to try out, based on your dietary requirements. I truly believe she will be able to assist and guide anyone, no matter what diet they follow, to find out what is best for them and their body. This journey is also not just about food, it is a holistic approach to well being. I have her to thank for keeping me motivated to look after myself mentally. What started out as setting goals has turned into a way of life and I cant thank her enough! I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their health and quality of life."


“Having had Arabella as a health coach has been invaluable and I truly believe she was a pivotal element to the beginning of my personal self discovery, health, balanced lifestyle and true happiness. She has the ability to relate to all and is an incredible plant-based chef, so if you struggle with diet and switching to a plant-based lifestyle, she is your girl. Her energy is pulpable and her gentle, playful nature allows you to loosen up, feel comfortable and in turn create a space of true self discovery and healing”

"Sitting with Bella was like lighting a small flame inside me. Everything I felt and thought was already there, but she managed to bring it out and manifest it in such a way that it enabled me to come to my own conclusions through my own unique neurological pathways and therefore tailor my approach perfectly to who I am. Thereby making big and small tasks TOTALLY achievable. My time with her was truly lifechanging, and I will carry the sentiments she has taught me, with me, for the rest of my life."