“In today’s rush, we all think too much — seek too much — want too much — and forget about the joy of just being.”

Eckhart Tolle


Holistic Retreats

If you are running a retreat and need help feeding your guests, I am your girl! I have vast experience working on a variety of different retreats, from yoga to surfing to free diving. I thrive working in remote places, being resourceful in new kitchens and catering for different dietary requirements. My food is colourful, holistic and sustaining. It will leave your guests feeling light and energised. 


If you are running a retreat and need some help feeding your guests, this is what I do. I curate menus specifically for the purpose of your retreat and work well in new and remote environments. I am a subtle presence and have vast experience working on a variety of different retreats. I focus on attention to detail, I bring a calm and non-invasive presence and love sharing my knowledge with the guests about nutrition and the food I cook. Please contact me to collaborate! 

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I have been a part of the I AM WATER Ocean Conservation NGO since 2017. I travel to various corners of the world with them cooking the food for their free diving retreats. From Mozambique with the dolphins, to Mexico and Madagascar with the whale sharks, to the South Pacific with the humpback whales. We work together to educate the guests about an ocean friendly lifestyle, eating plant-based foods and integrating environmentally friendly habits into their lives. I focus on a high alkaline diet. This is not only beneficial for your health, but it also enhances the absorption of oxygen in the body, allowing guests to dive deeper for longer. For more information on the work I AM WATER does, please have a look at their website.

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These retreats are a collaboration between myself and SAFFA tours. Weekends away focused on the playful balance between surfing and yoga, between connecting with your inner child and creating mindful practices in your life. Environmentally conscious getaways where we teach surfing, yoga, foraging and nutritional cooking workshops. 

Find out more about SAFFA tours here!


"She is an integral part of our travel team... I can honestly say I cannot imagine doing what we do without her."


"Bella is not only a chef extraordinaire, she is also a beaming ray of light to have around. Her professionalism throughout the days of our retreat was at a max, yet she has the ability to delight individuals not only with her tantalising meals, wholesome and organic and made with so much love that you can actually taste it, she also has the greatest spirit and all the students just wanted to connect and chat away to her. She blends in beautifully on these yoga weekends away. Her soulful nature, her love for yoga and movement and her belief in what she does and the highest quality of work & food that she provides, is truly a magnificent bonus to my offerings on our yoga weekends and adventures. Thanks Bells for being such a treat on my Retreats.”

Lara Roux

"Arabella is a joy to work with and to be around! Her menu creations are creative, healthy, tasty and colourful - she is never late with getting the beautiful dishes on the table for our hungry guests and always does it with a smile. She is an integral part of our travel team and having spent many days & weeks with her in various places around the world I can honestly say I cannot imagine doing what we do without her. I almost don’t want to tell you how good she is, in case she gets too busy for us..!"

Hanli Prinsloo 

Arabella changed my life. We worked together on a Yoga Retreat in 2017. From the moment I met her I knew she was hear to teach me what my soul longed to know.  During our time together, she taught me to honor myself, my body and to put my health at the top of my list.  This was life changing.  I had opened a yoga studio at the beginning of the year and to be quite honest I had stopped caring for myself.  I was eating 'fast food' because it was 'quick and easy'.  Before our time together, I had never felt comfortable or free enough to cook in the way she did. Bella reminded me that cooking was like yoga, "You can't get it wrong", she said.  "It brought me back to caring for myself in so many other ways. It brought me back to loving myself! We just found out we are pregnant. Something I've wanted my entire life. If it is a girl - we are naming her Bella. 

Genevieve Boulanger

Arabella’s help on our last retreat turned what could be an extremely stressful event into a fun, seamless event that flowed with ease. Not only because every dish that came out of the kitchen was a work of art, filled with creativity, care, love and healthy nourishment, but because of Bella’s calm, warm and friendly nature. Her ability to completely become a member of the team and help out wherever necessary wether it be her mastery of food, talking to the guests, being totally flexible and being able to roll with inevitable changes or teaching yoga, Bella was a true asset to our retreat and we couldn’t have done it without her.

Thank you Bella for the artistry in what you do.

Lisa Beasley 

Imagery courtesy of Samantha Lowe of the The Lowe Life